February 03, 2008


The problem with having moved all the stuff OFF the carpet is having to put it all back.

I've been trying to figure out whether I can move anything around as a bit of change but keep coming to the frustrating conclusion that small house and my current furniture needs = no real opportunity for change. I am a frustrated furniture arranger.

The room with the most scope for moving stuff around is the spare room (well, cats' room). But given it IS the cats' room and is mainly storage, there isn't a lot of point. It can never be an office (cat fur and computers don't mix) or a bedroom while I need a room to keep the cats in at night (the orange cat will not just accept a closed cat door - he will scratch and wail at it all night which equals cranky Mel), so it will stay mostly a junk room. Hopefully it can be a tidied out junk room sometime in the next few months but I see no point in shifting furniture around in there until I start buying bookcases (with doors so I don't have cat fur covered books) and need somewhere to put them.

So all I can do is sort a bit and throw some stuff away and put everything back where it was. Dust free and somewhat tidier but the same otherwise. Gah.

Much like my current wip. It's going slowly so I keep thinking maybe I have to move stuff around or bring stuff forward. But given I don't have that much detail yet, can't do that. Just have to keep slogging away. Which seems to be the answer to most things.

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