April 29, 2007

Powerful in Pink

After the application of much, much sleeping and a few boatloads of vitamin C and friends my cold or bug or whatever it was seems to have packed up and mostly left the building. Yay. Hopefully today that means I can actually get some writing done.

I went to see Pink last night and she was great. I haven't seen her live before and I'm always happy when I go see someone and they sound just as good or better live than they do on their albums. Because lots of people don't. But Pink does. She's got a big voice packed into a little frame and she rocked. She came off as smart and sassy and powerful and sexy and looked like she was having a damn good time. Seems like a good role model to me (even though I would say there were kids in the audience probably too young to be at a Pink concert...). People watching was also fun given fashion seems to be going through a return-to-the-eighties moment which was giving us all bad teen years flash backs...we saw ankle warmers and fluoro high heels and lace tights...we were expecting jelly bracelets and the mile-high moussed fringe a la early Madonna at any moment.

Anyway, Pink was, to quote the Androids who were the support act and also fun, too cool for schoo. Plus she did some freaking awesome aerial ballet (or Tissu as google informs me it is called) without a net or safety harness or anything. Jaws were dropping all over the shop. After we picked them up, my friend and I proved that we have been accountants too long by saying "bet the insurance company guys had conniptions over THAT". : )

This is Tissu (not Pink) but you get the idea.

Given that I'm scared of heights and was always completely hopeless at rope climbing I don't think it's something I'll be trying anytime soon but it was amazing to watch. And Pink and her dancers were in amazing shape...something we're still working on here. It made me want to try something new so I'll think about that. At least receding colds mean I got to go for a walk yesterday and another short one today, will try some time on the Elliptical later.

The walk was nice this morning - it's actually been raining quite a bit here this weekend (yay rain gods) and it was cool but not cold and the sky was full of interesting clouds in all those sulky, slippery, stormy shades of grey, so hopefully we'll get more still. An afternoon writing with the rain pattering on the roof might be nice. Then I can make my great minestrone for dinner and watch Grey's Anatomy to round out a nice weekend.

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