April 11, 2007

The pig strikes again

That golden pig seems to be doing good work for the lulus.

Wednesday Chris Weston came second in the RWNZ's Second Chance comp and scored herself a request from Harlequin (2nd chance is a best of the best comp, so go you good thing).

Yesterday the VT came third in the YA category of the Great Expectations comp and I, just to prove the theory of VT freakiness, also came third in the paranormal category of that comp.

We like the piggy : ) Lulus rock!

Also congrats to fellow aussies Tracey O'Hara who came second in the paranormal category (a good day for aussie paranormal gals) and Kiki Opdenberg with third in steamy hot and fourth in YA and all the other winners and placegetters.

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