February 05, 2011


Well, yesterday was not the most stellar writing day and today was worse.

Yesterday I wrote 700 words in a rush only to accidentally hit the off button on my netbook and lose it all. Then Cyclone Yasi's tail decided to drop about a month's rain on Melbourne in a day and I had more pressing issues to deal with like bailing out my backyard. I did eventually write another 1000 words or so but only by staying up too late.

After waking up every few hours to listen to what the rain was doing last night, I'm tired today and have been trying to get some heroine POV onto the page on and off all day. So far I've crawled up to 300 words or so but she's being unco-operative. So I'm going to give myself a pass for the day by saying an extra 700 yesterday counts. Or else I'll do 1700 tomorrow but either way I'm done for now!


Keziah Hill said...

I think flooding is a pretty good excuse to not write. Ouch about the lost words.

Kylie Griffin said...

I hate when your head gets fuzzy like that. As much as you want to write you just physically can't because your brain is fried. Ugghh!!!

Flooding doesn't help! Wow, it must have bucketed down. I hope the kitties were safe and dry inside! :-)