December 27, 2010

The nameless one

Currently pondering cat names as this little cutie came home with me this morning.

After all the various cat dramas, it's lovely to finally have another feline member of the household. So far orange cat doesn't seem too fussed by strange cat smells or noises coming from the bathroom and the new girl seems pretty relaxed (if not outright keen to explore beyond her current bathroom hangout). So hopefully they're going to be good friends eventually.

The new girl is teeny (she's about 9-11 months old but nowhere near as big as Tabasco and he's not a huge cat) and smoochy and playful. She's an RSPCA cat and has already had a litter just after she came into the shelter (far too young...please desex your pets!)

Looks like I'll be having a fairly quiet week at home mostly while we integrate the household. Good time to write and spin and tackle the pile of tax paperwork looking at me balefully from the kitchen table.


Tez Miller said...

Teen mom! ;-) She looks like a wide-eyed, curious lass, and hopefully she and Orange Cat won't make too much trouble for their dear human :-)

Mel said...

She's definitely curious! There's going to be some interesting times while she explores and learns the kitty ground rules about staying off tables etc. But one step at a time!

Kylie Griffin said...

Ohh, a new fur-kid! How gorgeous and it IS interesting to watch the established fur-kids adapt to a new member! LOL Hope all goes well for you on that front, Mel.

As for names - a few suggestions pop to mind - Smudge (looks like she's had paint smudged all over her), Splodge, Spludge (variations of the same theme), or Miss Whiskers. :-)