October 09, 2010

And done!

It's a book, it's a book! All 100,000 odd words of it. Sure, I need to do a final polishing pass, and god knows how coherent the forty odd pages I wrote today are, but the hard bit is done for now. I have written my first book under contract and (touch wood, throw salt, turn three times widdershins etc), it will be handed in on time, if not slightly early.

Now excuse me while I go pass out.

PS Done! Yippeee!
PPS. Don't write forty pages in a day. It's stupid. And most of me hurts now.


Kylie Griffin said...

Brain drain and sore muscles, I bet. Great going, Mel, and now you can relax (sort of).

Once the polish is done and the book dusted (aka sent), I hope you're going to take at least a week off to recoup.

Well done.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh you are in great need of Hans, the masseuse. And huzzah on getting the words down.