July 11, 2010


The revision is all finito. Let there be celebrations (or at least a day or two of mindless activities before we contemplate book 2!)

My first for-an-editor revision done. Feels like a milestone somehow, even though it could yet come shooting back to me for another round.

In the end it took me two months and 9 days which isn't too bad given I think I've cut at least 100 pages of old material out of it and yet the book is 90 pages longer in total. Plus every scene in the hero's POV went from third to first person (which is omg fiddly and time consuming....I'm hoping I've caught all the stray he/his/himself/they etc floating around).

But the work is worth it. I feel like it's a stronger book now and I feel like I learned some things in the process. Let's hope Jessica agrees!

And now, I shall take myself off to the movies to let the brain chill out...


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Mel!!! Glad you finished your revisions. It's a great feeling to know that you've accomplished something and are proud of it. Looking forward to being one of the first people to buy your book.

Eileen said...

The above comment is from Eileen. I don't know why is said anonymous.

Mel said...

Strange are the ways of blogger! I was wondering who my mystery visitor was : )