October 27, 2008

Change of personnel

So one of the snippets I wrote in the last few days was the beginning of the beginnings of Witch 2. So tonight I figured I'd play around with the collage, see what that might stir up.

For Witch 1, my placeholder for the hero was Chris Isaak. As usual not quite right but tall, dark, blue eyed charming. All good. Except I'm damned if I can find any pics of Chris that evoke the right mood for my hero for this book. He starts in a much darker place, he's been beaten down a bit. He's mad and on a bit of a mission and then things start going wrong again. So I think I'm going to have to change placeholders. Never had that happen before. But I need the collage to trigger the book, so I need the right images. The right mood.

I was flicking through my hero inspiration pics and kept stopping at Matthew Fox. Wrong colour eyes but I can work with that, I need the mood not the exact details. I still didn't have the right pic though. So I used my trusty google and found this:

Oh yeah, that's more like it.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Definitely a great show of Matthew Fox - looks like he's got alot on his plate. Good luck now that you found your heor for Witch 2.

Mel said...

Thanks, I'm hoping the picture will inspire the plot bunnies : )