May 02, 2008

I don't know about you

But this last week has just zoomed past. Suddenly it's May (MAY!!!) and the weather has turned very wintry here in Melbourne. I had to go out and buy a new winter coat and managed to buy one that's nearly identical to my old one (but two sizes smaller!!, go me).

I'm still revising away, it's taking a while because there's lots to tweak and I've had a couple of things on. May in general is looking busy, busy. I'm doing a course at WriterUniv with Margie Lawson, going to hear Neil Gaiman speak on Monday night, going to a Michael Hauge workshop later in the month, have a couple of social events on as well plus maybe some work travel. Still, I want to get this revision done, plus a synopsis for Witch so I can start working out the plot issues now that the very raw draft is done, plus my other UF idea keeps whispering to me. I need a few more hours in every day.

The good thing about it being May is there are now less than three months until Keri and I jet off to San Fran (which kick starts 6 weeks off for me, to which I can only say YAY and bring it on). We're actually going to book our tickets tomorrow. Oh and check out Keri's latest book, The Darkest Kiss, out now! It shall kick butt as her books always do.

The bad thing about it being May is that apparently I'm stuck with the crazy diet for a wee while longer yet (like all this month. WAH!) Apparently I'm to try corn/rice bread as long as it's yeast free rather than the rye. None of the supermarkets or the health food place at my local mall had such a thing. I did find a mix in the gluten free section but having tasted gluten free bread a few times, I'm not holding out much hope that it will be as nice as my rye sourdough. So if anyone can recommend recipes or brands of either loaves or mixes for yeast free rice or corn bread that are available here in Oz, I'll be grateful.


Freya Croft said...

Hey are you enjoying Margie Lawson's workshop?
I hear they're good...

Mel said...

I really enjoyed the Defeating Self-defeating Behaviors I did earlier this year. This one has just started today basically if you're interested and registrations will still be open for a few more days at WriterUniv. It's all lecture based with a loop so you won't have missed anything yet!

Robyn E said...

How did the airline booking thing go? And hang in there with the diet! not easy, but i'm sure it's worth it.