February 03, 2007


I alluded to some very good stuff in my last post.

So here's a bit of an update. I have an AGENT! A fantastic, fabulous agent.

In fact, pretty much my dream agent!!!

I've been walking around for a week now, pinching myself and re-reading the emails from her to know it's not a dream but given we've just had our second phone conversation (at the moment our email seems to be playing a not so fun little game called 'every now and then we'll just mysteriously disappear into the ether' - stern words will be had with my ISP shortly) and she didn't seem to have forgotten who I am : 0, it is apparently all true.

For now, I'll call her Agent X, there's still the legal stuff to be done, but I'm pretty excited (and have now crowned myself queen of the understatement). She's smart, she's good, she likes my stuff! And she'll be championing the wolf book into the wide world of publishing.

Let the games begin!


Blue Tyson said...

So this is Agent Wolf at Their Door?


Robyn said...


She's smart, she's loves your stuff and she has fabulous hair. What more can you ask for?

Mel said...

Hopefully (the publisher's door that is)!