July 14, 2006

A good day

I have spent most of this week coughing and spluttering and fighting off the same virus that about 60% of the people in my office seem to be suffering from.

Net result - Wednesday and Thursday largely involved sleeping or lying on my couch.

This morning (my day off), I am feeling a bit better. Yay.

Plus it has been a great day.

1. I found out I finalled in the Clendon Award, run by the Romance Writers of NZ. This is a great comp, so I'm very chuffed to have finalled again.

2. A very nice man came to give me a quote on a skylight to transform my poky dark must-have-the-light-on laundry into one where I could see. The quote was in my price range and he installed it on the spot. Voila...I no longer feel like a mole in a cave while trying to do laundry. On the minus side, I can now see all the cobwebs in my laundry.

3. I bought a digital camera and it arrived today. It's a Canon Ixus 55 and I'm still figuring it out but here's an initial effort - the orange cat saying "Mrrrrowwww".

So far the grey cat is clearly saying "WTF? Why did you wake me up" in all her shots so we shall come back when she's in a more supermodel mood.

And now, more sanding of window frames.

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